Dietz, PWM Pump Controller Valve Testing Equipment

ValveExpert Checker 2.4 - Portable service set with universal test device for servo- and proportional valves with integrated electronics; Suitable for the control and functional testing of proportional valves with operating voltage of 15V or +24V; The test can be performed without removing the valve under test from the machine; Internal and External operations are supported.
ValveExpert 7.2 - Fully automatic test equipment for servo- and proportional valves; Mineral industrial hydraulic oil; Embedded hydraulic power pack 45.6kw; Water cooling; Max working pressure 350bar; Maximal flow 80l/min; Pilot supply pressure line; Designed for industrial applications.
ValveExpert 8.1.x - Servo Valve Test Stands - Servo valve test benches series ValveExpert 8.1.x are used for critical applications which require extremely high precision and specific test conditions. There are versions for mineral oil, Skydrol type media, calibration fluid MIL-PRF-7024, or red oil MIL-H-5606. The servo valve test stands utilise high precision sensors, powerful mathematical tool, simple to use software, low noise & high reliable embedded hydraulic power pack. ValveExpert 8.1.x series stands are generally used for two-, three- or four-ways valves and equipped with programmable LVDT/LVT electronics to support most known spool position transducers. We collaborate with each customer to meet the requirements.
ValveExpert 8.2.x - Industrial Test Equipment for Servo and Proportional Valves - Precision test benches for servo- and proportional valves used in industry. The most powerful test equipment series ValveExpert 8.2.x is based on our aerospace version. This cost-optimized test equipment is a very power tool for precision analysis without any compromise. A low noise 45.6kW hydraulic power is embedded into the system. ValveExpert 8.2.x is an "plug and play" solution which is generally used to test, adjust and repair servo- and proportional valves. ValveExpert 8.3.x series test stands utilize 68.5kW hydraulic power pack with three servo- motors and are used for high flow proportional valves. This series allow tests at 10...315bar. Pressure compensation system guaranty the specified pressure drop through the valve even in case of a very low supply pressure. The all our test stands can be adopted for your specific needs.

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