ValveExpert Checker

Portable Service Set with Universal Control Unit for Servo and Proportional Valves with Integrated Electronics

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Function Description And Operating Instructions:

Features Of The Unit:

  • The test device ValveExpert Checker 2.4 is used to control and carry out functional tests on servo and proportional valves with integral electronics and operating voltages of ±15V or +24V
  • Simplifies commissioning and troubleshooting in hydraulic systems with servo and proportional valves
  • All standard servo- and proportional valves with 6+PE connectors are supported (MOOG, Parker-Hannifin, Bosch-Rexroth, Vickers, and many others)
  • Additional control for ON/OFF pilot valve
  • Intuitively simple and comfortable interface
  • Extremely bright OLED display and LED indicators for comfortable operating at any light conditions
  • Supports external and internal operation modes
  • Advanced set of control modes: -10V… +10V, -2V… +2V, 0V… +10V, -10mA… +10mA, -2mA… +2mA, 0mA… +10mA, 4mA… 20mA, 10mA… 14mA, -20mA… +20mA
  • The device keeps the last settings after switching power off
  • Supports current and voltage feedback signals
  • Allows to monitor voltage of the power supply and enable signals
  • Enable output includes the current limiter for safe operation
  • Fast access to any item of the control menu
  • The service case comprises a test device as well as an optional power supply unit (+24V, 3.75A) and connecting cables
  • Reverse polarity, overload, and short circuit protections
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Completely sealed enclosure
  • High reliable keyboard
  • Robust waterproof case

Technical Data:

Ingress protection rating:P64 (test device)
Servovalve connector:6+PE pole, EN 175201 Part 804
Pilot valve connector:DIN EN 175301-803, form A
Operating voltage:18...36VDC (full functionality), 4.5...36VDC (measurement functions)
No load power consumption:3.4W (Max)
Max. load capacity (Pin-A and Pin-B):3A
Control signal modes (Pin-D and Pin-E):-10V...+10V, -2V...+2V, 0V...+10V,-10mA...+10mA, -2mA...+2mA, 0mA...+10mA, +4mA...+20mA, +10mA...+14mA, -20mA...+20mA
Current limiter for voltage control modes:20mA...30mA
Current sensing resistors:10 Ω
Precision of the measurements:Max error is the last digit of the display value
Enable input (Pin-C):Disable: 0V...4V, Enable: 8V...30V, Disable: 0V
Enable output (Pin-C):Enable: (A-B)V - 0.8V (with current limiter +10mA)
Feedback signal (Pin-F):-30V...+30V, -30mA...+30mA
Pilot valve voltage:(A-B)V
Max. load for pilot valve:1.6A (overload protected)
Microcontroller:32bit, 84MHz, AT91SAM3X8E
ADC converters:8-channels, 12bit, 200kHz
Display:3.2" OLED, Yellow, 256x64 Matrix
Dimensions (L x W x H):472mm x 366mm x 161mm (case), 185mm x 110mm x 70mm (unit)
Weight:4.900kg (device, power unit, and cables in case), 0.750kg (unit only), 5.300kg (ready for shipment)
CE tests:EN 50 081-1, EN 50 082-2, EN 60 742
Customs tariff number:90318038
Power supply:Input: 90...264VAC, Output: 24V, 3.75A (90W), See specs Mean Well GST90A24-P1M for details
Case:Robust waterproof (IP67), See specs Nanuk 923 for details
Default supply includes:ValveExpert Checker 2.4 unit (see Figure 1), Case Nanuk 923 with a customized foam, Power supply +24V (see Figure 6), Power cables (see Figure 7), Cable for proportional valves (see Figure 9), Cable for pilot valves (see Figure 11), User manual