Open Loop Pump Series

Parker P1/PD
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ETS is pleased to offer GENUINE Parker/Denison range of Hydraulic P1 & PD open loop pumps to hydraulic repair shops and MRO’s serving industrial and mobile markets. The Parker P1 & & PD series medium pressure, open loop, axial piston pumps are rated for 280 BAR (4000 PSI) continuous and 350 BAR (5000 PSI) peak pressure.

Available in the following displacements:

  • 018cc
  • 028cc
  • 045cc
  • 060cc
  • 075cc
  • 085cc
  • 100cc
  • 140cc

The full range of P1/PD pump units and corresponding repair and conversion spare parts are in stock and available for purchase via ETS’ Memphis facility. Additionally ETS offers control, porting and through-drive conversions of in-stock units to meet urgent customer requirements.

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