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We have equipment solutions for injection and blow molding machine brands including:

Hydraulic Service
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  • Husky
  • Milacron
  • Engel
  • Demag/Sumitomo-Demag
  • Vandoren
  • Battenfield/Wittman Battenfeld
  • Krauss Maffei
  • Nestal
  • Sumitomo-Demag
  • Sipa
To Improve Performance of Older Machines
For Old Products No Longer Manufactured
Over 3000 Exchange Units In Stock for Urgent Breakdowns

Hydraulic Pump & Motor Testing & Repair Capabilities


State of the art “green technology” valve test stands capable of testing and calibrating old style proportional and servo valves or newer design with O.B.E. (on board electrics) and can bus style design. A simple plug and play concept— only from ets!


Custom hardware from national instruments and labview software enables us to calibrate, analyze, and plot hysteresis curves for flow, pressure, leakage, spool position, and even phase lag.


ETS offers custom designed and manufactured valve testers for “on site” fault finding and testing. These are specifically for the plastics industry for clamp and injection valves, with the ability to control the safety isolator valve.


ETS also offers standard repairs and returns on all pumps, motors, and valves. Our standard turn-around time is 1-3 days and we also offer “urgent” repair for breakdown situations in 1 day.