Don’t Install Doubt!

In a world charged with budgets that demand better price and faster delivery, the door gets shoved wide open for “Grey Market” copies of original manufacturer’s product. The hydraulics industry has been assaulted by these products for over twenty years from practically every corner of the world. The result for users has been mass confusion, inferior performance and, in many cases, catastrophic failures costing thousands of dollars to remedy. For Original Equipment Manufacturers, the headaches and lost revenues have been astronomical. Here, ETS is making the case for Genuine Bosch Rexroth product with some “need to know” facts for the end users of the product.

  • Only genuine parts ensure the latest designs for the product.
  • Only genuine parts guarantee the material quality is original specification from the manufacturer. Inferior alloys, heat treatments, seals and bearings compromise the performance specifications of the original product.
  • Grey market/Aftermarket parts are designed from samples of genuine product. All manufacturers maintain plus/minus tolerances for the individual unit parts. A sample or samples in no way reflects the exact specifications from the genuine parts drawing. Therefore, the plus/minus tolerances can be too high or low and present large problems when repair parts are used in combination with genuine products.

Guarantee uptime on your machine with genuine Bosch Rexroth parts. For maximum performance – Don’t install doubt!!!